1975 Porsche 914 Targa

Balanced Performance

Here we have a very nice example of the 914 1.8 Targa. When well maintained and kept, 914s are great fun to drive. This car is a truly solid and rust free example that has been lightly restored both physically and mechanically. The car shows well and is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

VIN: 3759316

Engine: 0049359

Transmission: 5-speed

Exterior: Signal Orange

Interior: Black

Mileage: 91192

In 1975, Porsche offered two engine options of the VW based 4-cylinder. The 1.8 and the 2.0. They both had Bosch Fuel Injection and a 5-speed transmission. This particular car has its original 1.8 liter. The engine is very strong and the fuel injection is in excellent working order. The car starts up with ease and idles as it should. There is no smoke from the motor at all. Underneath, the motor is very dry and free from major leaks. The car has its original heat exchangers but has an aftermarket exhaust. The transmission shifts smooth and the clutch feels nice and tight. Recently, the car has had the shifter bushings replaced. Shifting is a common issue on these cars due to worn bushings and poor adjustment. Finding gears in this 914 is easy and the shifter is well aligned. The engine holds temperature well and maintains great oil pressure. From the factory, these cars did not have much horsepower. However, the car feels strong and cruises right along with traffic. The brakes and suspension work great and the car goes straight down the road. It handles wonderfully and has had lots of recent suspension maintenance. Cruising at high speeds feels very comfortable.

Currently this 914 is covered in a Signal Orange paint. The car was originally code L31M Scarlet Red. The paint is in wonderful shape and shines up very well. There are some chips and imperfections in some areas but is overall a very decent paint job. Unlike most 914s, this car is extremely rust free. The body panels are all very straight and original. The car has its original rust free floor/trunk pans and battery tray. Both of the doors open and close without any rubbing whatsoever. This is a true sign of a straight and solid chassis. I have several photos as well as videos below that show the condition of the body and chassis. In the 70s, it was common for dealers to add AC to several 914s. This particular 914 is one of those cars. The condenser would be mounted in the front floor pan of the car and the lines would be brought back through the front fender and on to the rear of the car. This is one of those cars and therefore there is a cutout in the front floor pan that has been closed up. Due to the lower displacement and horsepower of these engines, the AC was very inefficient and ineffective. Therefore, many of these AC systems were eventually removed.

The glass and lights on the car are all in great condition and free from cracks. Front headlight motors go up and down without sticking. The targa top has new seals and fits tight and secure. In 1975 and 1976 Porsche installed the larger rubber bumpers on the 914. They are in good shape and have not been rotted or deformed by the sun. All of the latches and handles work just as they should as well. Finding a rust free example is very hard these days. The exterior of this 914 is well above the average car on the market.


Much of the interior on this car has been restored. The first thing that stands out is the addition of a classic bucket type seat. They look great in the car and give it a sporty feel. All of the vinyl in the car is soft and fresh. There is no shrinking or sun damage on the dash or upper door panels. All the carpet is in new condition and the steering wheel was freshly recovered as well. The switches all work as do the top latches and window cranks. The interior is a true testament to the overall quality of the car.

This 914 is ready to be driven and enjoyed. It is very much above average for typical 914s. Mechanically it has been sorted out to be an excellent driving car. Please see all of the additional photos and videos below. Let me know if there are any questions or concerns to be addressed.

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