1972 Honda AZ600 Coupe

Nimble Excitement

Here we have a 1972 Honda AZ600 coupe. Much like the 600 sedan that came before it, the 600 Coupe was an early entry into the US market for Honda Motor Corp. It offered an economic package with an air-cooled 600cc twin cylinder engine, 4-speed manual gearbox, and lightweight unibody chassis. The coupe was intended to be a sporty version of its predecessor. Although high speed and horsepower are not a characteristic of the 600, there are several sporty characteristics. To note a few…power front disc brakes, independent front suspension, and front wheel drive. The cars were not intended to last very long or travel hundreds of thousands of miles. However, this little 600 has great story and has traveled many miles.

VIN: AZ600 1002700

Engine: N600E 2502810

Transmission: 4-speed Manual

Color: Yellow

Interior: Black

This particular 600 coupe was purchased by a young Marine in 1972. The car came out of Fullerton California from Jim Flagg Inc. During this period, Hondas were sold in various auto manufacture dealerships across the country. Many times, these dealers were Ford, Pontiac, Buick etc. The Marine was stationed in Anaheim California and his family lived in the Eastern Tennessee area. Several cross-country trips are documented in a auto logbook. Along with this, the cities, fuel fill ups and mileage traveled were documented. The current mileage on the car is just under 60k miles. There are two log books that document the mileage up to 80k. So the car is believed to have 170k miles. This is a big accomplishment for the little 600 given Honda intended for these cars to last about 30k miles.

The car was originally blue. It was repainted several years back in a bright yellow. At one point, a vinyl roof was added to the top as well in yellow. It fits very well and is not separating from the surface. The body is very solid. There are slight signs of repair when the car was repainted but it really looks nicely done. The chrome is all in excellent shape. This 600 is very complete with several pieces that are hard to find for these cars. All of the lights, glass, and rubber pieces are in great condition. The rear “scuba mask” trunk lid has typical corner cracks but closes well. All locks and latches work as they should as well. The interior is very complete and looks wonderful. No wear on the seats, the dash is crack free, and the headliner is clean. All of the electrics and gauges are in excellent working order. Included are several books included the original warranty card and log books. There is no spare tire but it does have the jack and tool kit. The engine starts up and runs smooth. These are not powerful in anyway but have enough power to pull the car around! Its shifts smooth and the linkage is nice and tight… very easy to get into 1st and reverse. Overall the car drives really well and handles firm on the road. This is a very well sorted and complete AZ600. It is an excellent candidate for a restoration in its original color. Or one could enjoy it as it sits now.  The next caretaker will not be disappointed.

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